About Us

Qingdao Eccochic Home Fashion Co.,Ltd.

Who We Are

Eccochic, established in 2017, a young startup, started with a fascination and desire that we've had for a long time, to seek out beautiful and useful items for life and the home that are made with thoughtfulness and detail, and to find a solution to some of the problems our customers face –finding ways to making unique bags. Owners have over 20 years experience in the hand crafted bags industry and could always provide expertise in design, manufacturing. Eccochic have partnered with one of the best manufacturing facilities in China to create different and unique products for our customers.

Our primary goal with Eccochic is to think carefully about the items we create, putting together a collection of beautifully and differently designed handmade products.


What We Do

At Ecochic, we design and create products that are in style while adding that little bit extra to your look.  Nestled in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao, we design and collaborate with independent designers, makers and artisans who are creating products that are different. Eccochic each collection is quite as unique as you.

We provide quality goods with an honest provenance that we use in our day-to-day lives, items made to last. Creating and developing beautifully considered, functional items for our customers to enjoy is our passion, by sharing these items that we celebrate, we aim to connect and form relationships with like-minded folk.